Westside Sparkles Cheer Coach Reflects On The Program

Westside Sparkles Cheer is an all-inclusive cheer squad which is part of a national organization known as The Sparkle Effect. Head coach of Sparkles Cheer, Westside High School Speech Pathologist Kate Healey, said that she loves to see the friendships formed through Sparkles and to see the girls have fun. 

“They are a super fun group,” Healey said. “It’s cool to see the friendships formed throughout the year and by the end everyone is just a big happy family.”

Healey said that Sparkles functions as a peer-building team, something that many do not expect.

“It’s not like a buddy system [where] they are trying to help [a certain] student,” Healey said. “It’s more a peer-building team, which is not what people expect.”

Junior varsity cheerleader, sophomore Abby Kaufman, is a member of Sparkles and said that she enjoys practicing and performing with the group.

“I really like [Sparkles],” Kaufman said. “[The cheerleaders] get really excited and it’s fun to watch.” 

According to Healey, Sparkles performs for four fall games and six Winter and or Spring games, and are also involved in various community events. 

“I love the performances,” Healey said.“Especially when they get to perform their dances at the basketball games. That’s probably my favorite part and the girls’ favorite part.”

Kaufman said that she has built a bond with her teammates and enjoys seeing them around the school.

“It’s especially fun to see [other Sparkles cheerleaders] in the hallways and around school,” Kaufman said.