Regan Rosseter Continues Undefeated Streak


Freshman Regan Rosester continued down her successful path as she again placed first at an all-girls wrestling tournament, this past Friday, Jan. 8. Rosester competed in the Crete Invite, in which she came out on top with three first period pins, and ended the night  3-0. Coach Bob Mulligan expressed that he was proud of her success in the tournament, as she continues her undefeated streak in all-girls tournaments.

“I look forward to continuing to see her succeed. Not just this year but for the next four years and beyond.” Mulligan said. “ Also obviously to see her become Westside’s first-ever girl state champion.”

Rosseter’s goals since the season started have not changed. Her main goals were to keep winning at all-girls tournaments, as well as taking home a state championship. Rosester winning state would put her down in the history books as the first girl to win a wrestling state championship for Westside.

“My plan for state is that I am going to go out there knowing I can win every match and that I have confidence in myself,” Rosseter said. “I am preparing that there are going to be a couple of tough matches but I know that I can win and that I need to use my technique and not so much muscle.”

Rosseter’s confidence has continued to be her driving factor in her dominant early season. With state nearing, Rosester knows that she will be up against some of the best female wrestlers in Nebraska. She chooses to not think about how tough the battle is, and focuses on knowing that she can beat those wrestlers by building up her technique in any duel. She continues to train for state with the help of her coaches and the other wrestlers on the team.

“The plan to get her prepared is just to keep doing what we’ve been doing which is continue to practice and train with our varsity boys and to just keep winning at meets to try to get her the best seed possible at the state tournament,” Mulligan said.

Rosester continues to train her hardest for the matches ahead. She wants to build up her strength and focus on improving her technique for the duals. Continue to watch Regan Rosester on the mat for Westside as the road to state continues.