Principles Of Engineering Class Complete Annual Boat Construction

Westside High School’s Principles of Engineering class recently completed one of their annual assignments in which the students build and then test cardboard boats they have constructed. On Tuesday, Oct. 15, the class as well as Engineering and Technology Instructor Paul Cross tested the boats in the high school’s pool.

“We started working on these project the week of homecoming,” Cross said. “We built 1/12 scale models and they got to pick who they wanted to work with.” 

Cross said that he enjoys seeing the kids trying to get back and forth from the pool, as well as their end results. 

“They took designs that seemed like they would work,” Cross said. “[Afterward we] tested it out and if it worked, then they recreating in full size [so that] either two or three people could get in the pool and back.” 

Cross said that through this project he’s trying to prove to his students that their designs can survive down and back in the pool. 

“Usually seven out of ten people can ‘survive’,” Cross said. “I’m guessing about five people will make it this year, [but that’s] just a random guess.” 

Sophomore Miah Mason said that she enjoys this particular project.. 

“I really liked going through all of the steps and following through [with the project],” Mason said. “It’s exciting to [finish] things together.” 

Mason said that she likes this class, as it may help her in the future.

“[This class is beneficial] just in case I want to become an engineer,” Mason said. “I think either way, the skills that I’ve learned will come in handy.”