Warrior Brew Crew

This past Wednesday, Oct. 3 and 10, the special education teachers and students put together a very special coffee service called The Warrior Brew Crew. This coffee cart is available to staff mods 1-3 every Wednesday for seventy five cents per cup. The service is mainly ran by the Special Education students. They greet customers and handle monetary interactions. The team said they came up with the idea from other schools in the district who are doing similar initiatives.

“It’s really good for students in this room to learn those social skills as well as the math skills,” said Chase Bauers, head director of the Special Education Department.

Another one of the special education teachers, Jean Whitts, said “It will also help with job skills and this will also give the students a chance to give change.”

The team said they are hoping their coffee sales provide the funds necessary to continue the coffee cart. All the profit they make will be going back into the program. It also provides a great learning opportunity for the kids, as they are not often exposed to social interactions similar to these.

One of the special education teachers, Jean Whitts said “We are hoping that this will be a huge success and a learning tool for our kids, and also to provide a service for our staff here at Westside.”