Westside Athletic Club Sponsors Winter Sports Spirit Night to Showcase Student Athletes


Image Curtesy of Westside Community Schools Twitter

Westside’s Winter Sports Spirit Night will be sponsored by the Westside Athletic Club.

On Tuesday Jan. 31, the Westside Athletic Club, WAC, will be sponsoring the Winter Sports Spirit Night, an event made to celebrate the hard work Westside athletes and coaches put into the various winter activities offered by Westside High School. 

The event will recognize winter sports athletes and coaches between the girls and boys varsity basketball games. 

Co-President of the Westside Athletic Club Katie Anglim said the WAC has been sponsoring the winter spirit night for over 4 years, and produces the event to celebrate Westside’s rich athletic culture. 

“WAC’s goal is to support all Westside athletes and coaches and promote school spirit,” Anglim said. “One of the ways we do this is by sponsoring events each season [like the] Back to School Barbeque and Pep Rally in the fall, Winter Sports Spirit Night and Spring Sports Night. These evenings are a way to recognize the work that the athletes and coaches put in during the season.”

The event will also provide free food and T-shirts during the event while supplies are available. 

“Fortunately we have community sponsors who help by donating items to the event,” Anglim said. “This year Vic’s popcorn, Hy-Vee, and Freddy’s have all donated food items for us to provide at the event. We also have great support from the athletic department. Tom Kerkman, Athletic Director, is donating T-shirts for the athletes as well as providing some extra shirts to be given away to some in attendance.” 

Anglim said she believes the event will also provide visibility for the various activities offered at Westside. 

“Promoting the events and hopefully boosting attendance at games is also a great way to show people in the community who may not normally attend sporting events what Westside athletics has to offer,” Anglim said. “This year there are both varsity and JV boys and girls games going on that evening at the high school, and no other conflicting competitions for other winter sports. We hope that will make it easier for our winter athletes to attend and be recognized.”

Anglim said that the Winter Sports Spirit Night needed lots of support from the community in order for it to be a successful event. 

“Any additional costs [for the event] would come from the WAC budget,” Anglim said. “WAC is run solely by donations from Westside parents. We have great support from families which helps us plan fun events like the winter sports spirit night. This year Asher and Sara Stoller are the committee chairs helping with planning the event.”

Overall, Anglim said she hopes that attendees will come to recognize the hard work put into being part of Westside’s athletic programs, as well as promote the deep-rooted sense of community that Westside continues to maintain.

“WAC just hopes to show our coaches and athletes that we recognize the hard work they put in by participating in a sport, juggling practices and games with school work,” Anglim said. “We also hope to show the westside community the athletic opportunities that the high school provides. Lastly, we hope to provide a fun and safe event for students to attend and promote school spirit.”