ENT Teacher Wins Award for Stellar Work in the Classroom


Benjamin Kutler

John Bombac teaches multiple classes in the ENT department.

John Bombac has been teaching in the ENT department for 18 years. This year, he is the recipient of the Golden Apple Award. The award has been given on behalf of Brigham Young University Alumni for 22 consecutive years. The Golden Apple is given to a teacher that the committee found inspiring, caring and academically demanding. Bombac said the award means a lot to him and is a great reflection of his work.

“I think it’s just a really good validation of what I do day in and day out,” Bombac said. “Staying extra after school, skipping lunch to help them out, doing those things that I know is the right thing to do.”

Freshman Soni Hiner has taken two classes with Bombac: Welding Processes and Woods 2. Hiner said that Bombac is more than just a good teacher to him.

“He’s not just a teacher, he can be a friend too,” Hiner said. “He takes his job seriously and makes sure we know what we are doing, but makes sure we have fun while we do it.”

Bombac said that receiving this award is awesome for him.

“When you randomly get a letter that says somebody recognizes you for doing these things, that’s cool,” Bombac said.