Haberman Brothers Strengthen Legacy at Westside


The Haberman brothers, Cole and Cade have both recently hit milestones in their wrestling careers. Senior Cade Haberman hit 100 career wrestling pins, making him the first-ever to accomplish the feat in Westside history. Varsity head coach Michael Jernigan is very proud of his determination, passion, and the time he’s put into wrestling and this milestone. 

Cade has worked for numerous years to put himself in this great position.  Just like on the football field, Cade loves to dominate his opponents in any way he can.  With his size, his strength, his conditioning, and his mindset,” Jernigan said. “He has set records in the weight room and on the mat.  It shows when he walks out on the mat for each match.” 

Cade Haberman is known for his strength, but when he wrestles he has many things in his favor. He knows how to maneuver on the mat, and keeps track of those maneuvers from all of his matches. Not only has Cade Haberman reached one hundred career pins, but he also beat the highest-ranked Class B wrestler David Hernandez 

“The first move with ten seconds left I lost my hips and I got too overextended. I would have had a takedown there too but I brought my foot over both his legs. I needed to keep it right in the middle to split his legs better,” Cade Haberman said. “With the first move luckily we were out of bounds but that second move I knew I was in better shape for him. I had to push the pace and I did and he beat me last year with a lat drop. So I knew he was looking for it so I kinda ran right into it hoping he would throw it and I was ready for it.” 

Although he is having a historic season, Cade Haberman emphasized the fact it isn’t done and he still has more goals to accomplish. 

“I wanna win a state title in wrestling and track,” Haberman said. “I’m working my butt off, fighting off a few injuries, and doing the best I can. I wanna keep inspiring people below me. I want every record I set to be broken. They need to be broken, that’s what they are there for, that is the only way you keep measuring success if things are broken. So I want Westside to not only be good now but be good for the long future.”

Cade isn’t the only Haberman brother to reach milestones this year. Junior Cole Haberman reached his 100th career win up against the Ralston Rams on Jan. 20. Cole expressed his happiness with his 100th win but disappointed that it didn’t come sooner. 

“It feels great, I was waiting last week and I actually lost for my 99th pin which sucks,” he said. “I am just really happy to get it over with as it was a big stressor. I am happy I got it today. It sucks I didn’t get it in the way I wanted but I was happy I got it.”

Cole had hoped that he would reach the pin sooner but definitely won’t take it for granted. As a wrestler, Cole doesn’t only have strength but also puts a lot of emotion into matches which he has felt has helped him throughout the season. 

“I believe it has benefited me a lot ‘cause when I go out there, the kids think ‘oh he’s going to shoot right away,’ but it usually takes me a while to shoot because I got to get everything perfect. When I roll kick I scramble so it’s really hard because you got to know when the right time to do it is, and that’s why I lost last weekend. I was tired and I wasn’t thinking straight and I hit the roll right into my back and I got pinned but I mean it’s all about the mental game and your toughness cause if you roll them at the wrong time you’re going to get pinned. 

With the two brothers being captains on the team, they’ve shown leadership much throughout the season.  Cole expressed that he and his brother have helped the team in many ways since they started wrestling for Westside. 

“I know he (Cade) works a lot on team building and I work a lot on the physical aspect and that’s just what we do,” he said. “I think it’s great we’ve built this team up. I remember my freshman year we had six kids on the varsity team and now we have almost a full roster. Just how far the team has come I think it’s great.” 

They are both very proud of what they have accomplished and are excited to see the season continues. Watch both Cade and Cole on the mat next Wednesday at the Westside Triangular.