Rania Hijazeen: Changing Lives, One Smile at a Time

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It may seem hard to make an impact on a student’s day without teaching them anything, however, Rania Hijazeen, a staff member at the Café Express, has no problem doing it. Hijazeen is known at Westside for impacting people’s days and their overall attitudes while working at the Café.

“I think she’s a very nice person,” junior Michael Fulton said. “Just being around her is such a good experience.”

Many people that walk through Hijazeen’s line in the café say they see her positively interact with students. Not only is this noticed by students, but also Hijazeen’s co-workers.

“It’s awesome working with Rania,” coworker Naj Chatmon said. “[She] is sweet and nice to the kids. Rania is easy to get along with and an amazing coworker.”

Although Hijazeen works with students all day, she says she never shows any frustration or anger towards kids and strives to always spread kind comments and happiness.

“She’s really nice and she does compliment me every time I come through the line,” junior Jaxon Henderson said. “Rania just makes you smile because not a lot of people are like that. More people should try to be like her, she can really put a smile on your face if you’re having a bad day.”

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