Westside girls wrestling looks forward to the upcoming season


Jaden Taylor

Regan Rosseter competes in the 2021 NSWCA Girls Wrestling State Championships in York, Nebraska. She would take home the 124 lb weight class title – Photo by Jaden Taylor

The Westside girls wrestling team will return to competition this winter in the 2022-2023 season as they are looking to place big this year at the state tournament. 

Head coach Bob Mulligan is going into the season with a positive outlook and high expectations for the team.

“We’re going in with a positive outlook, thinking we’re the best team in the state.” Mulligan said, “ Even though we’re ranked number two, we truly believe we’re the best overall team in the state”.

Returning state champion Regan Rosseter addressed her preparation over the summer for this year’s season. 

“Practice all year round, just getting in the practice room and practicing all year round, everyday, knowing I have stuff to work on and just overall getting ready for the highschool season” Rossetter said.

Mulligan spoke about the competition heading into the season and how that will play a role in helping the

“We’re just trying to get as many big time matches as possible,” Mulligan said, “There’s no point in going out and getting one mat, we want to utilize and maximize our mat time”.

Rossetter spoke about the pressure going into the big tournaments in the season.

“We know that we’re one of the best teams in the state so we just have to go out and compete like we usually do,” Rossetter said, “ If there’s pressure on our backs then oh well we gotta go out and win.”

The Westside girls wrestling team will return on Dec 1st and 2nd, at one of the most prestigious highschool wrestling tournaments, the Dan Gable Donnybrook in Coralville, Iowa.