Westside’s All-Around Athlete Madilyn Siebler Shows How to Balance Being in Three Sports


Eliza Haney

Madilyn Siebler guarding in the back court in Westside girls basketball’s season opener against Columbus – Photo by Eliza Haney

At a time when many college recruiters want players to specify in a particular athletic field, three sport athletes are very hard to come by in high school. Westside senior Madilyn Siebler has defied those ideals and has found success in each activity of her choice. Whether she’s on the basketball court, in a volleyball match, or running track, Siebler has found many ways to leave an impact here at Westside. 

Siebler is currently a key player on the Westside varsity girls basketball team, which has a record of 9-4. The Warriors have high expectations for themselves, and a veteran like Siebler knows the importance of playing together.

“As a team, I think we need to keep developing our chemistry on the court,” Siebler said. “I think once we get some energy flowing during the games, we’re a hard team to beat.”

Siebler has embraced a leadership role this season, one that’s been very valuable when it comes to mentoring younger players. Westside head coach Steve Clark expressed how Siebler has become a leader on and off the court. 

“Madilyn is a vocal leader,” head coach Steven Clark said. “She’s brought a wealth of experience and culture to our program, quickly gaining the younger girls’ trust and respect.”

 Siebler this season is second on the basketball team in rebounds and blocks, showing off her grit. Siebler refuses to put less than 100% of her effort towards the task at hand.  

“We all see her passion for volleyball, and that continues on the basketball court,” Clark said. “Madilyn has shown that she is all-in with whatever she has committed to, whether that’s on the court or in the classroom.”

Despite her natural feel for success in the game of basketball, volleyball is what Siebler will pursue at the collegiate level. The senior has committed to Montana State University, where she will explore the next chapter of her athletic career.

“I feel like everything clicked,” Siebler said. “Obviously I love the volleyball program and how I connected with the coaches, but I also love the campus on its own.”

With athletics being the foundation for her Division I commitment, Siebler is still very mindful of her college experience away from volleyball.

“In my process of choosing a school, it was really important to me that I loved the school on its own, athletics aside,” Siebler said. “Montana State had the full package for me.”

Siebler wrapped up her four year Westside volleyball career helping lead the team to a 26-12 record, including an appearance in the state tournament semifinals, where the Warriors fell to Millard West 3-2. She also earned all-state honors for volleyball this past season, gaining a mountain of wisdom along the way, which Siebler expects to use at Montana State.

“My goal is to make an impact,” Siebler said. “I hope to take everything I’ve learned over the past four years and translate them to the next level.”

Siebler has always had a packed schedule with volleyball, basketball, and track. All three sports might overwhelm others, but it has never posed an issue for her. 

“It’s definitely a challenge playing multiple sports, but I’ve always liked being busy,” Siebler said. “Some days it’s hard to go from one to another, but I would prefer that over just playing one sport.”

Overall, being a tri-sport athlete has had nothing but positive effects for Siebler, who’s knowledge has only grown from the extra athletic opportunities. 

“Being a member of three sports has really helped me,” Siebler said. “I think you learn a lot about what being an athlete is all about.”