Teardown PC Game Review

Teardown is?  Teardown is a puzzle, action, and sandbox game, this game is based around the concept of destroying things with different tools to get to different objectives, like stealing things or destroying houses.

The mechanics of the game are beautiful. I think that this game will set up a strong core for future games like Call of Duty for example or a new FPS that will come out. 

This game takes some thinking and problem solving to get around missions. That is what I like in a game, actually having to think and set up a plan to get passed a mission like for example in the gameplay below I failed it a couple of times but after failing I figured out and found ways to get passed the mission with having some seconds to spare.

One thing that would be a cool addition to the game would be a speed run or a multiplayer feature. With the speed, run see who can get like three or so objectives the fastest, and with the multiplayer, they like to build a base, and the teams both have to destroy the other teams buildings.

Overall I give this game an 8/10. With the game coming at $20, you should go give it a try, and while you are at it recommend a friend too!