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Wrestling creates stronger bond between sisters

March 9, 2023


Macy Barber

The Barber sisters celebrate with fellow wrestlers.

The Westside girls wrestling team has a dynamic duo on the team. Although the team goes by the “Fab Five”, the team has two sisters who made it to the podium at the NSAA State Championships on Saturday, Feb.18.

Sophomore Zoey Barber and freshman Macy Barber both grew up wrestling together. Wrestling has been a major part of both of their lives and they finally got to compete at the state tournament after years of trying to get girls wrestling sanctioned by the NSAA.

Zoey spoke about how wrestling has brought the two sisters even closer.

“Macy started wrestling after me and I’ve had the chance to watch her grow into a very good wrestler,” Zoey said.“We definitely butt heads and even though she drives me crazy I need her around, and I can’t wait to watch her win state.”

Macy elaborated about the bond that the two have formed after years of wrestling together.

“My bond with my sister has always been good,” Macy said, “Ever since she started wrestling she was the happiest person I’ve met and I wanted to join and do it with her.”

Zoey talked about growing up wrestling and having a sister in it from the beginning.

“I started wrestling when I was in second grade and having her catch up and improve for only wrestling for four years was a lot of time spent wrestling in the living room and in the car rides to practice, “ Zoey said. “We know we can make each other insanely mad but we are each other’s biggest fan.”

Macy also spoke about the beginning of her wrestling career and following in her big sister’s steps.

“I grew up knowing that I was going to wrestle but Zoey really got me into it,” Macy said. “I’ve watched Zoey at practices and tournaments for her whole wrestling career and I know she’ll always be there for mine.”

Zoey explained what she believes will be necessary to bounce back next year.

“It was a long fall from the top and coming to grips with not being able to become a four timer definitely hurt.” Zoey said. “That being said, I’m going to focus on my inner health and wrestling with passion. It is what I love most so I will take things as they go.”

Macy also explained what she thinks she will need to do in order to improve her skill set for next. 

“My plan is to improve by staying on top of my weight management and stay wrestling in the offseason,” Macy said. “I want to work on and improve my footwork and speed.”

The Barber sisters will be back along with returning state champion Regan Rosseter and state medalist Piper Zatechka for the 2023-2024 wrestling season.


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