Remember the Fallen Memorial

The Remember the Fallen memorial is a military memorial that visited Westside March 18-25.​ The memorial was up for a week and was placed in the main entrance of the school. 

This memorial travels around to different schools across the United States  and stays up for a week to honor fallen soldiers before being transferred to a different school. It is a nationwide program that helps remind people of the sacrifices people in the military make everyday. 

Freshman Piper Hagen spoke on the memorial and what it means to her.

“I think it is a really cool display,” Hagen said. “I don’t think about those who have fallen every day so it is a good reminder of the sacrifices that people have made for our country. People give their lives for us to stay safe everyday and that is a huge sacrifice. These people don’t get enough remembrance, so for someone to come around and honor them is really cool.”

Westside High School Principal Jay Opperman spoke on why the memorial was up and its meaning.

“Remember the Fallen is actually a national memorial,” Opperman said. “Bill Williams actually contacted Brandi Paul about setting it up here and we both agreed that we thought it would be a good idea. The memorial’s purpose is to honor members of the service who have fallen since 9/11.”

Bill Williams founded the Remember the Fallen memorial with his wife Evonne Williams. The Willams’ are a very active military family with four sons serving in a military branch since 9/11. Williams’ organized this memorial as well as organizing honor flights for veterans in 2007 and 2008. The Williams’ believe that service member’s sacrifice should ever be forgotten and honor them to this day with their memorials. 

“I think we may have the memorial back at Westside,” Opperman said. “I actually believe that this is the second time the memorial has been here. I know that for some people the memorial is very emotional, but I also think it is a good way to remember those who serve us and those who have fallen while serving us.”