Recap: Softball Reflects on its 2020 Season

The Warriors softball season has come to an end, finishing with a 7-19 record. Unfortunately, the team lost both of their games in districts, falling to Lincoln East and Millard South. With the end of the season, that means the departure of six seniors, leaving a huge role to be filled. Head coach, TJ Eadus reflects on what her senior class has brought to the team.

“They were great. Good leadership, all starting seniors, leaving really big shoes to fill,” Eadus said. “They have led in a positive manner, as all starting seniors. Leaving a lot of work for the underclassmen to do.”

One of the six seniors, shortstop Dayton Kell, talks about how she feels their senior leadership has helped this year. 

“I think that our six seniors are pretty solid, also probably the best on the lineup and we hold a lot,” Kell says. “ I think being a senior, it really drives a lot out of the younger kids and it holds a lot of weight on the team.”

Junior first baseman, Jenna Liakos, puts some input on how she feels the seniors did this season and how they gave it their all.

“Our seniors were amazing. They put their whole hearts on the field,” Liakos said. “They never gave up on the underclassmen, they have been so welcoming for all of us.”

When it comes to reviewing the teams entire season, Coach Eadus says one of the things that hurt the team was leaving runners on base, she touches on how it affected the team.

“I think it has kind of plagued us a lot, we have had it in multiple games,” Eadus said. “We haven’t had a lot of the timely hits, and we just need to get back in the cages.” 

When it comes to the topic of having runners left on the base, Liakos adds on how it has affected the team.

“We did that a lot, we left a lot of runners on base throughout the year. I just feel we need a lot of timely hits,” Liakos said. “We would get a lot of runners on at the beginning of the inning, but not pulling through at the end of the inning.” 

With the end of the season, comes offseason. Eadus feels this is the best time to come together as a team and get better and stronger. Going the offseason losing six seniors, means that the returning player’s younger players, and seniors next year are going to have to step up and fill the role. Coach Eadus talks about what will be needed this offseason to become a stronger team.

“We are gonna have to fight for it and be scrappy, with six seniors and holes to fill, we have a lot of inexperienced kids at this level. We are going to have to work very hard mentally.” Eadus said.

Losing six senior this year leaves a young group to fill in their shoes. Junior Jenna Liakos feels this upcoming offseason will be very important for the team.

“We just got to get stronger, we are a young group. We have only four seniors next year and the rest underclassmen,” Liakos said. “We just got t hit the weight room, do some speed and agility stuff, and mentally train ourselves. It is going to be really tough next year and we just got to be ready.”

As a leaving senior, Kell talks about the legacy she feels she left and what the program can become in the future.

“The past two years have really helped the program, the seniors this year and last year really gave it their all,” Kell says. “I think the program can really only go up from here.”

With the loss, the team looks to prepare for the offseason and come out looking strong for the 2021 season.