Senior pursues photography to express love and peace

September 23, 2016


With over 1,500 followers on Twitter, senior Emmanuel James has a lot of support for his art. He goes around town with friends to shoot pictures, improving his photography and visual art abilities. 

“I try to put out good things in the world, good vibes. It’s all about love and peace. I try to preach that.” James said. “There’s a lot of bad in the world and not a lot of good. I’m trying to be a good person.”

James’ creative process starts with his mind. He takes pictures that depict what he is facing at the time. His photos also includes visuals which represent James’ alter ego. He explains his alter ego to be his artistic side.

In addition to photography, James has also been making music throughout high school. James’ Soundcloud has several tracks that continually express his mood and creative mindset.

“Whenever I’m facing a problem, or I see a problem in the world, I try to send that message out and bring that message into other people’s lives,” James said. “[Others] can see where I’m coming from and what I think.”

James hopes to continue taking pictures and making music beyond high school. He wants to have more support for his art and hopes his work will radiate positivity in the world.

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