Westside High School’s First-Ever Adulting Day


Aubrey LeClair

Westside High School is holding its first ever Adulting Day on September 2nd! Westside’s Adulting Day!

Westside High school held an “Adulting 101” day on a non-school day Sept. 2 from 11 AM to 2 PM. Upperclassmen were invited to learn about necessary life skills. The classes covered topics including basic cooking, first aid, managing credit card debt and financing for college. 

Associate Principal Andrew Wane was the administrator in charge of the event. When discussing his reasons for managing the event, Wane said that he wished he had been better prepared for college.

“I could have definitely benefited from something like this,” Wane said.  “A lot of the sessions that they have… ironing a shirt… managing credit card debt… [applying] for a scholarship…  all that I know would have helped me.”

Senior Andalucia Holan sits on the student advisory committee, a group of students who represents the student body. She, along with other members of the committee, came up with the idea of holding an Adulting day. She believes that this day would be very beneficial to upperclassmen. 

“A lot of people who are more focused on academics don’t get the chance to take classes like foods or fashion,” Holan said. “It would be really nice to have something that would make us feel more prepared as we leave high school.”

Courses like Personal Finance and Infotech are intended to prepare students for life after high school, “But it is [difficult with] classes like personal finance,” Holan said. “I know those [courses] are required, but… think when you have to take [them], as opposed to signing up for it on a day off, that you don’t really want to learn it. It’s just something that you have to get through.” 

In an attempt to excite students about learning these skills and create a larger turnout, Holan said that there were several raffles, including many gift-card giveaways.