Rainy Forecast Causes Last Minute Change to Prom Location


Image courtesy of Westside Community Schools' Twitter

This year’s prom was originally planned to be held on the football field, but a rainy forecast has caused for a change in that plan.

This morning, Westside High School Assistant Principal Andrew Wane sent out an email to students and staff regarding the location change for prom which is set to occur tomorrow night at Westside. 

“Due to the weather forecast tomorrow evening, prom will now be hosted in the Courtyard tomorrow from 7-10 p.m.,” the email stated.

Wane apologized for the late change but reassured everyone that this year’s prom will still be a fun time.

“I am sorry for this late change of plans, but do want to make sure you all know that your classmates that are organizing prom and our staff have worked hard to have a solid backup plan,” the email stated. “I am confident that everyone that attends will have a great time!’

Senior and Deca officer Elizabeth Harding said she is attending prom and isn’t bothered by the sudden change in location. 

“I think prom could have been fun on the big field with all the cool stadium lights, but I’m also glad it got moved inside so that we aren’t being rained on all night,” Harding said. “[This year’s prom] will be different from past years’ but hopefully it will still be fun!”

Harding said she was sad about missing out on her junior prom during the 2019-2020 school year due to COVID-19, but said it’s nice that the administration made sure that they got one this year. 

Senior, Student Council President and class officer Dayzee Mayfield is in charge of coordinating prom.

“It was a little disheartening because I had planned all my decorations for [prom to be] outside, and I was really looking forward to having the enchanted forest theme outside,” Mayfield said. “Getting this information a day in advance was a speed bump in the road for sure, but I am so proud of how the student council has come together and adapted to this change; we had a huge work night on Thursday, and we got to reevaluate our plans and make them fit the new space.”

Despite the challenges, Mayfield said she thinks prom is still going to be spectacular.

“Even though this year has been rough for all of us, this is our last night to celebrate high school,” Mayfield said. “The decorations are going to be amazing and we have so many wonderful people willing to help.”