Westside High School Cancels Winter Formal


Ella Kirkpatrick

Current sophomores (left to right) Rose Padios, Majesty Marti-Lester and Gina Gage enjoy last year’s Winter Formal dance.

The 2020-21 school year has been a very different and unpredictable year. The attendance changes of yellow and green mode, one-way hallways and wearing masks have all been new changes for everyone. The district has been trying its best to limit the amount of COVID-19 cases throughout the school. With plexiglass in classes to limiting the amount of people in the cafeteria, the school wants what’s best for their students and staff. That is why this year the Westside administration, including Dean Bradley Metzler, has decided to cancel Winter Formal.

“Unfortunately, due to the circumstances that we are facing and have been facing throughout the year, we are unable to have Winter Formal this year,” Metzler said.

Student Council Vice President Lina Shukry said that the student council also decided that Westside was not safe enough to have dances this year unless something drastically changes regarding COVID-19.

“It was a matter of safety, and, in the end, it just wasn’t possible,” Shukry said.

The Westside High School administration has decided not to reschedule Winter Formal due to the pandemic. They hope that as the year goes on, things will be somewhat normal again.

“I don’t believe there will be something to make up for Winter Formal, for safety, but I really hope that next year we can make something happen,” Shukry said 

This year has been difficult and new for everyone, and the Westside administration hopes to go back to normal soon. 

“We hope that as we continue to progress in 2021, we can begin to return to some sense of normalcy,” Metzler said.