Photomath to be Added to Snapchat


With over 100 million downloads, Photomath is proving to be one of the most popular education apps. An equally popular app with over 191 million daily active users, is Snapchat. In upcoming weeks, we are expected to see an update on Snapchat that will include Photomath. On April 4, 2019, Photomath announced a new partnership with Snap Inc. that will allow users to scan math problems and solve on the screen in Snapchat.

“This feature within the Snapchat camera allows Photomath to give more students who we know are already highly engaged on their mobile devices, access to on-demand math support that could help them throughout the year,” Damir Sabol, CEO, and co-founder of Photmath said according to

While Photomath has been a problem for many teachers in the math department since it was first created, Math teacher Steven Emmerich has a different view on the subject.

“As a teacher, I have mixed feelings about Photomath,” Emmerich said. “I like it in the fact that you can check your work without the necessity of needing to talk to a teacher or a parent or whomever. The bad part of that is then people use it to get the answers and not actually know what happens.

Contrary to Emmerich, freshman Brady Meyerson has a few worries about the collaboration between the two apps.

“I think a lot of students will start relying on Photomath and snapchat for their homework and stuff, so I think that they won’t be able to learn and it might affect their test grades,” Meyerson said.