Who’s the better Franco Brother?


Laurel Oetken , Video Editor

Justin Timberlake says it best in his hit song “Take Back the Night,” with the lyrics,  “Attraction, are you ready?” and “Attraction can drive you crazy.”  Coming from a teenage girl, attractive is one of the more “school appropriate” adjectives that one could use to describe Dave and James Franco.  However, we are all taught at a young age to never judge a book by its cover.  And lets face it, both of the Franco brothers are good looking young men.  So deciding which brother is better based purely off of looks would not be an accurate or fair way of going about things.  So instead, both ladykillers’ careers and also academic history will be closely examined to determine which brother is truly superior.

Career: It’s no question that both James and Dave are talented when it comes to acting.  Both have been in multiple films that were given exceptional reviews and did well at the box office.  Both Francos started out their acting careers with a role on a hit TV show. James made his debut on Freaks and Geeks, an NBC series that survived only one season, airing from 1999-2000.  Dave on the other hand, kicked off his career on 7th Heaven, which had 11 consecutive seasons on two different television networks.  Although the brothers started out their careers in similar manners, the paths they took after their days TV days is what differs between the two.

After Freaks and Geeks, James found himself working his way through the industry with first small roles, including in 1999, in the film Never Been Kissed, which starred actress Drew Barrymore.  In 2000 James was given a role in the film Whatever It Takes, with co-star Shane West, more known for his role in the film, A Walk to Remember with actress Many Moore.

James later landed a lead role portraying James Dean in the film James Dean.  After the film debuted, James was awarded a Golden Globe, but was also nominated for an Emmy Award and began to be cast in more money making films.  James landed roles in films such as Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3, which, combined, grossed an incredible amount of money worldwide.  The actor later starred in movies such as Pineapple Express, released in 2008, and also the film Milk, with co-star Sean Penn.  James received an Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Milk.

James has made appearances on the television shows General Hospital and 30 Rock.  To top all of this off, more recently James was nominated for an Academy Award, Golden Globe and SAG award for his lead-role in the film 127 Hours.  He also starred in Date NightOz the Great and Powerful and a recent release this past summer, This Is The End.  These are just some of the movies that James has been in throughout his career.  Dave, however, can not compete with James in this category.  

Dave Franco, after his acting career took off on 7th Heaven, appeared on the TV shows Do Not Disturb, which only lasted through five episodes and Young Justice, which lasted only two.  The young actor of only 28 years also held roles in movies such as Superbad, Charlie St. Cloud, 21 Jump Street, and more recently The Shortcut, Warm Bodies and Now You See Me.  Although Dave is young and has appeared in movies that are well-known by the general population, for example 21 Jump Street with the more famous main actor in it, Channing Tatatum, Dave has not been in movies that he has been awarded for, at least as of now.   

James: 1, Dave: 0 

Education:  As it is with some Hollywood destined souls, education is not something that is necessary be successful.  Brad Pitt is a prime example of this. He attended the University of Missouri straight out of high school and was only two credits away from receiving his degree before he left to pursue acting in Los Angeles.

Dave attended the University of Southern California and has yet to receive his degree.  He needs to finish three classes to receive his degree, which will be a bachelor’s in psychology, according to thedailybeast.com. In 2012, The University of Southern California’s acceptance rate was 18% and the average number of students that applied to USC for the fall term that year was 46,104. These statistics make USC one of the more selective schools in California.

James on the other hand, first attended the University of California at Los Angeles, where he majored in English. UCLA has a current acceptance rate of 22%, making it slightly less prestigious than USC. Having said that, James also studied at the Columbia University School of the Arts, where he attended graduate school working towards a Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) writing program. In 2010, James received his MFA from Columbia University.

To even further the list of schools James has been a student at, he attended the Rhode Island School of Design, the Warren Wilson College, New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and Brooklyn College.  The older Franco brother, after many years of schooling, also acquired a PhD in English from Yale University.

James: 1, Dave: 1

Looking at the comparison of the Franco brothers’ careers and also educational backgrounds, it is clear that James Franco is the greater and more accomplished brother.  Career wise, James has completely surpassed his brother.  Although Dave did have a good run with roles in hit television shows, James has appeared in far more movies, and has held a lead or supporting role in many films.  He has won awards; something that his brother has failed to do thus far with acting.  As an overview of their educations, Dave has challenged himself by attending a more prestigious school, but James has continued to learn and be educated long after receiving his first degree, something that Dave has yet to accomplish.

Of course no one actually cares about which Franco brother has the more impressive career and academic history.  In the end, as it always will be, it is all about looks and who is more aesthetically pleasing to the spectator.  In my opinion, James Franco is the more attractive brother, as well as the more-well rounded brother.  He is more mature, challenges himself and has a more depth to him than meets the eye, which in turn makes him more attractive.  He also can pull off the dressed up, or dressed down look, which is something most girls can appreciate–a well-dressed man.  Even though it may be safe to say that James is better Franco brother, I’m just one viewer who may have looked at the two on a deeper level.  Who do you think is better Franco brother?  By the way, there are three.