Food Review: Trucks and Taps


Trucks and Taps is a food truck meetup that features three unique food trucks and a full-service bar. It is located on a renovated Sonic patio, just off of 108th and Q St. After popping up just this summer, Trucks and Taps has amassed quite the audience and tends to be busy often.

Trucks and Taps offers four unique food trucks: Dire Lion, Big Green Q, Wonton Jon’s and one rotating truck. All of these trucks have vastly different cuisines available, from the traditional British foods of Dire Lion to the Chinese with a twist at Wonton Jon’s. 

The first truck I visited was Wonton Jon’s. It features an extensive menu of wontons, which consist of a crunchy shell stuffed with filling. I got two wontons, the Bacon Cheeseburger and the Tangy Pulled Pork. When looking through the ingredients, I wasn’t expecting much. I was expecting to get a shell sloppily stuffed with beef or pork, leaving little to no room for toppings. When my food was ready, my mind was blown. The wontons were picturesque, the shells were carefully filled with perfectly cooked meat and topped with bacon and sriracha mayonnaise or a medley of vegetables with red cranberries. The wontons were nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend this food truck.

The next truck I visited was Dire Lion, which serves British-style fast food. I really enjoyed the look of this truck. It had a unique art style similar to that of a medieval shield. However, the food was a little disappointing. I ordered the Chicken and Chips, which consisted of two fried chicken pieces and fries. Both the fries and chicken were very bland and were similar to any other fast food place. I had high hopes for Dire Lion, but unfortunately, they didn’t live up to them. 

The last food truck I visited was Kim’s Thai Food, one of the rotating food trucks that makes an appearance at Trucks and Taps infrequently. This truck offers several Thai dishes, including boba drinks. I ordered the Crispy Chicken, which came on a bed of vegetable fried rice. Just like the wontons, I thought it was fantastic. The chicken had a delicious and crunchy breading, which paired well with the soft interior. On top of the amazing food, the service was impeccable. My food was prepared carefully yet much quicker than I anticipated. This is another truck I would highly recommend.

The seating and atmosphere at Trucks and Taps is another feature done well. There are plenty of available seats even during busier hours. The seats are carefully spaced to provide an opportunity for social distancing. Additionally, the food trucks are arranged to be very inviting. Every truck is close enough to read the menu and make a decision from your seat, a feature that makes me want to return. 

Overall, I had an amazing experience at Trucks and Taps. The food is fantastic and the seating space is inviting. I truly have no complaints. Even during a pandemic, Trucks and Taps is high on my list of go-to restaurants. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a COVID-friendly night out.