Westside Dean Leaves For New Position After First Year At High School


Kidus Tewodros

Westside Dean of Freshman and Sophomore Girls Michaela Brooks will leave the high school to fill the position as assistant principal and instructional coach at Westbrook Elementary for the 2020-2021 school year.

Westside High School Principal Jay Opperman sent out his weekly email to staff on Tuesday, March 10. That specific email included details regarding Westside High School’s Dean of Freshman and Sophomore Girls, Michaela Brooks, resigning as dean and taking on a new position as an assistant principal and instructional coach at Westbrook Elementary School for the 2020-2021 school year. 

“Join me in congratulating Michaela Brooks in a new position at Westbrook Elementary School as an assistant principal,” Opperman stated in the email. “She is excited to return to the elementary level after her year of [instructional] coaching at Paddock [Road Elementary School] last year. This is a great opportunity for Michaela and her coaching skills will be a great asset for the Westbrook community.” 

Brooks said that instructional coaching is working with and observing different teachers, while also providing them with feedback in order to help them become better teachers.

“‘You know how a basketball coach helps the athletes get better?’ It is like me being an instructional coach that helps teachers get better,” Brooks said. “[I was an instructional coach at Paddock Road Elementary School] before I came to the high school, and at Westbrook I will be taking the administrative role of assistant principal along with instructional coaching.”

Brooks said that she is excited to work with teachers and younger students again, however, she said that Westside High School has been a great work opportunity  and will miss the students there.

Freshman Carlie Litton said that she thinks Brooks has been a good dean and is sad to see her leave Westside High School.

“[Brooks] is really good at helping students work out their problems,” Litton said. “I hope Ms. Brooks’s replacement is a lot like her because she’s helped me through a lot of things and when I get mad I can always talk to her about everything.”