Westside Cheer Hosts “Parents Night Out” Fundraiser


Image courtesy of Westside Cheer's Twitter

Westside Cheer is hosting a "Parents Night Out" on Friday, Dec. 6, where there will be pizza, games, crafts, and movies provided for the kids.

Westside Cheer will be putting on a “Parents Night Out” fundraiser on Friday, Dec. 6, from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. The cost is $20 per child and $15 per every additional child. The fundraiser will include many activities including holiday movies, games, crafts and pizza.

“We put this [fundraiser] on two years ago, and it was a really good way for parents to have a night to relax with no kids, and then it was also a way to help raise money for the cheer program,” said freshman cheer coach Amanda Knight.

Knight said this event is also put on to help parents have a free night to get their holiday shopping done and to prepare for the upcoming holiday season.

“We were throwing around ideas for fundraising and being a part of it two years ago,” Knight said. “I just brought it up again and we took the idea, we did a little bit of changing, and then we got it approved.”

Varsity cheerleader and junior Whitney Kelley said that she enjoys the fundraiser and getting the opportunity to spend time with younger kids.

“My favorite part of the event is getting to hang out with the kids and be a role model for them,” said varsity cheerleader Whitney Kelley.

Kelley encourages parents who need a night off to participate in this fundraiser.