Photo Gallery: Choir Senior Night

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On Wednesday night, the choir had its last concert of the year. All four choirs performed at the concert: warrior choir, sophomore, and freshman choir.

VMPA Scholarships:
Roshan Sapkota, Tierney Schirmer, Vivian Jacobitz, Ella Vraspir
Jennifer Sayre Scholarship:
Brandon McMiller
Westside Director’s Award:
Tatenda Chivero

District Music Contest Awards:
Large Ensembles:
Warrior Choir 1+
Concert Choir Treble Chorus 1+
Concert Choir Bass Chorus 1+
Chamber Singers 1

Small Ensembles:
Decibelles 1 “Outstanding Performance Honorable Mention”
Bow Tie Boys (Chad Fey, Gabe Becker, Ryan Alger, and Brandon McMiller)

Division 1 (Superior) Rating
Yasmine Elrefaie
Isabela Hovorka
Chloe Shepherd
AnnaLeesa Telford
Jayven Brandt “Outstanding Performance Honorable Mention”
Brandon McMiller
Brandon Wigodsky
Eliot Gray

Division 2 (Excellent) Rating
Elizabeth Grantham
Vivian Jacobitz
Tierney Schirmer
Elena Sullivan
Ella Vraspir
Brett Upton

Division 3 (Good) Rating
Evan Dondlinger