Preview: Evening of the Show Choirs


With the end of the school year just around the corner, many school activities are coming to an end. Included in those activities is show choir, which will be finishing out the successful year they’ve had with Evening of the Show Choirs on Friday, May 3.

“Evening of the Show Choirs is our final show choir performance of the year and it features solos of any seniors that want to sing,” show choir director Doran Johnson said. “The other feature of Evening of the Show Choirs that makes it different is that we have a section of the concert where we invite alumni back to perform with us.”

There are many exciting things that come with Evening of the Show Choirs. Although it can last up to three hours, each senior gets to have their final moment in the spotlight. They also each get to showcase music that is important to them.

“A special part to me is getting to see them all grown up after four years, one last time… it’s just a fun crowning achievement for all of them,” Johnson said.

Evening of the Show Choirs is an important night for many seniors that participated in show choir and some spend months working on their solos.

“I’ve never had a solo [before] so I’m looking forward to singing it,” Senior Roshan Sapkota said. “I’m [also] excited to hear my friends sing their solos because I’ve never really heard them sing solo [either],”

Along with the senior solos, all three of Westside’s show choirs will be performing.

“Each show choir has a different competition season so there’s no good way to wrap up each season [individually],” Sapkota said. “[Evening of the Show Choirs] is a time where you can finally close off the year. It’s a fun environment as well as a bittersweet moment because it’s all coming to an end.”

Overall, Evening of the Show Choirs is much different than any other performance of the year because there is nothing riding on how well the seniors perform, and it is their last time performing that show.

“Evening of the Show Choirs allows them to have more fun and you also see them doing the show for the final time so there’s a certain raw emotion that they’re feeling in being able to perform that stuff one last time,” Johnson said.