Video Game Review: Destiny 2 Forsaken’s Arc Week

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On April 9, a new event started in Destiny 2: Forsaken known as Arc Week. This week was focused on the elemental damage type of Arc, a lightning like damage type. It was a mystery as to what this entailed until last week when the new content was announced. New gameplay changes, emotes, and a returning quest from the Halloween event were what this event had in store.

Each of the arc subclasses got buffs to their underperforming stats, and to balance things out, some of the other subclasses were de-buffed if they were over-performing. Three new emotes were released for each class, available from the online store for $5 a piece. They are idle animations relating to the arc subclass for each of the classes. In addition, four new exotic catalysts were added in, Suros Regime, The Prospector, Rat King, and Hardlight. The quest from the Halloween event, the Thunderlord Quest, returned, cutting out the weekly wait times so you could revisit the Cosmodrome and earn a Thunderlord if you didn’t already have one.

All in all, Arc week was a fancy name for a content drop and some gameplay changes, but was a welcomed addition to the usual content cycle of Destiny 2: Forsaken.