March Madness Championship Review

On April 9, Virginia and Texas Tech faced off in the NCAA National Championship. The Cavaliers were up by three at half, but Texas Tech was able to come back in the second half and send the game to overtime. Virginia guard De’Andre Hunter would end up scoring a total of 27 points, securing the Cavaliers win.

“I thought Texas Tech could’ve played better, I thought they could’ve won,” said freshman Randall Prucha.

In the previous game between Auburn and Virginia, there was a game changing missed call on a double dribble in the final seconds of the game. That debatable “missed” call could’ve changed which team was sent to the championship. Freshman Evan Yost said that he thinks the referees ruined the chances of Auburn making the championship.

“I think that there was some bad calls against Texas Tech but it was still fair, the [referees] really screwed Auburn in the game before,” Yost said.

Virginia, on the other side of the call, won the tournament after the controversial call. After the final four game against Auburn, Virginia moved on to the NCAA championship game winning by 8 points. Junior Abbie Hellman, player for Westside’s varsity girls basketball team, watched the championship and said that she thought it was a decent game.