Video Game Review: Destiny 2 Forsaken’s Season of the Drifter (Week One)

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March 5th marked the launch of Destiny 2’s new season, Season of the Drifter. With the launch the brand new content cycle all focused around Gambit and two new game modes, Gambit Prime and The Reckoning. It also added a four new armor sets for each class, for Gambit Prime, as well as 5 new exotic items for people to chase.

The two game modes mentioned before are new endgame content for players. Gambit Prime is a single round of Gambit, the gamemode introduced in Forsaken. it’s harder, each phase is harder, more mechanics and more enemies. The roles of the four players in the match, each of the new armor sets introduced all give bonuses on special roles. The Invader, going over to the opponent’s side and defeating other players. The Reaper, your job is to defeat non player enemies that drop motes for the next role to collect. The Collector, your job is to collect the dropped motes and put them in the bank. Finally, the Sentry, your job is to protect the bank from the opposing teams blockers. Now you gain the ability to earn this gear through The Reckoning after completing matches of Gambit Prime.

The Reckoning is an endgame PvE activity where you take your rewards from Gambit Prime and put them to use. A useful strategy for completing one of the given tiers of The Reckoning is and getting a piece of a specified armor for Gambit Prime and then repeating the cycle.

The new gameplay loop introduced in this season is sure to keep the game fresh and alive as players head into the summer and the fall for a brand new expansion.

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