Westside Team Wins Computer Science Competition


The team poses after a win at UNO. Not Pictured: Max Zweiback

Two teams from Westside recently competed in University of Nebraska Omaha’s (UNO)  computer science competition. In order to earn points to potentially win, each team had to complete a set of challenges. Math teacher Ryan Stejskal coached both teams.

“I think the competition style is a really good format because it gets a lot of schools together,” Stejskal said. “It gets a lot of schools participating and it gets a lot of computer science student from a lot of other schools so I think it’s really beneficial.”

One of Westside’s teams consisting of juniors Elizabeth Berry, Fabrice Bokovi, Max Trenhaile, and sophomores Isaac Wiles, Max Zweiback and Andy Li won the competition.

“It was a programming competition where there was a bunch of different challenges you have to do,” Li said. “So the more challenges you completed the more points you got, [so] it was based on how many points you got.”

According to Li, he uses the computer languages of the competition in his free time, so he felt little need to practice. Although neither of Westside’s teams prepared, they still outperformed the other teams at the competition.

“I am really proud of how our teams did, both of them,” Stejskal said.