Movie Review: Escape Room

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In my opinion, The Escape Room had a good start but as the movie went on, it started getting boring. When I first previewed this movie, I thought the entire movie was predictable.

In the beginning people were chosen to go to the escape room. Shocker. They honestly should have known that it was an escape room when more than a half dozen people received a random invitation. The character Ben (Logan Miller) made everything predictable by showing what he was going to do before he does it. 

When watching the preview, they already gave the big secret away. Spoiler alert: people would die if they didn’t pass through the escape room. The movie didn’t really get my attention as in almost every room, someone died. The repetition made it predictable and I got bored.

I felt as if the preview showed the whole movie so I had nothing to look forward to because the plot of the story was already told.

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