Resident Evil 2 2019 Review

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Resident Evil 2 2019 Review

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During E3 2018, the video game company Capcom has released a groundbreaking reveal trailer of their new game Resident Evil 2 a complete remake of the original 1998 Playstation game of the same name. Resident Evil 2 is one of the fan’s most highly rated game in the series. It was only a matter of time when their favorite game would get the remake treatment. The date arrives, the copies are sent out, the installation is done. It’s time to take a step back into the grim yet beautiful world of Raccoon City and face it’s horrors once again.


The game has two stories which will be completed whenever. The two stories are rather similar in plot and execution. The basic story goes as follows. Leon S Kennedy rookie cop is asked to go to his first job at the Raccoon City Police station. He needs to get gas when he gets a funny feeling within himself. As he explores the desolate gas station. Leon encounters a incident where flesh eating zombies chew on a guy’s neck. Leon races out of the gas station when he runs into college student Claire Redfield who has arrived at Raccoon City to search for her brother Chris. As they arrive in the city things take a turn for the worst. They are split and they have to meet at the police station. They thought they were safe but soon they will find out they were dead wrong. Sooner or later both meets the eccentric yet caring Marvin who got bitten while inside the station. He asks them both to open the secret exit and escape the station. Both want Marvin to come with them but he disagrees and stays. Only to be killed straight after.

Extra Content:

With Resident Evil 2 comes the extra content you get when you complete various tasks. The returning 4th Survivor game mode follows HUNK a Umbrella soldier who has to get to the police station entrance as fast as possible. However, 4th Survivor cranks up the difficulty to the maximum with it’s insane enemy placement and it’s seem less enemies and Mr X with limited ammo and limited health items. Truly the hardest mode in the game. But it ain’t all. Along after completing 4th Survivor you are gifted with Tofu Survivor another returning extra mode. Tofu Survivor is much like 4th Survivor however Tofu only has a knife as his weapon and you have to go through the same layout as HUNK. But much harder. Although the mode is really challenging with enough presence and memorization the modes will be easier and easier as you progress. Along with the NON DLC extras. There is also DLC Extras for those who wants more modes and costumes. Leon and Claire gets alternative costumes with the Deluxe Edition. The costumes range from Rick Grimes cosplay to Eliza Walker costume which was a character that was originally meant to be Claire, in the unfinished Resident Evil 1.5.

Graphics and Performance 

The performance of the game on the Playstation 4 Pro works wonders and it runs at a solid 60 frames per second but sometimes drop frame rate with some enemies and reload speeds. The overall best performance is on the PC which has the graphics of a legend. The graphics of the game is top notch and uses the same engine as Resident Evil 7 and the upcoming Devil May Cry 5 which has photorealistic graphics and uses supreme facial animation software that is top of the line from most gamers this generation. Capcom has made severe attention to the gore detail in the game. As you can shoot zombies you can also dismember them in all kinds of ways. This is perfect for thought provoking gameplay and uses your flight and fight reactions. The gore is realistic and downright gruesome at times. But Resident Evil has always been known for overuse of gore and violence.

Finalizing Thoughts and Ranking 

A+: Capcom has outdid themselves with this amazing remake of the beloved game from the late nineties and this will be the best survival horror game of this generation and will become one of those games that will be as long lasting as the original game. Resident Evil 2 is now out in stores and out online for you to experience the horror and the zombies all in stunning 4k resolution and 1080p


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