Junior Marketing Students Organize a Clothing Drive


Juniors Lucy Kupka and Samantha Wahl organized a clothing drive for the Humble Lily Boutique

Juniors Lucy Kupka and Samantha Wahl, both members of DECA as well as marketing students, organized a clothing drive in association with the Humble Lily Boutique and the Bethlehem House.

“We chose to do this because for our DECA project we wanted to do something that would help people in some way,” Kupka said.

The Bethlehem House is an organization that provides emergency housing and clothing, as well as goods for women, infants, and children. Their mission states that their goal is to help provide “a place of hope and empowerment for women, pregnant and in crisis, to choose life for themselves and their unborn children.”

“I would recommend everyone going through their closet and finding something to donate,” Wahl said. “It could seriously just be a sweatshirt. We just want as much as we can to give to the Bethlehem House.”

The Humble Lily Boutique was founded in 2005 by the Bethlehem House to help bring in more clothing, money, and goods to help their cause. Unique to other boutiques, they receive all of their clothing from donations and give 100 percent of their proceeds back to their organization. While some clothing donations go directly to the Bethlehem House, the boutique keeps and sells items that they believe they can profit off of. That additional money then gets sent to the Bethlehem House.

“We’re hoping that everyone will donate and help those that need it,” Kupka said.

There will be a space provided for donations during the boys Varsity basketball game, this evening, Jan. 15, at 7:15 p.m. All sizes and styles of clothing are accepted. Cash donations are accepted as well.