Students and Teachers Prepare for Finals

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Students and Teachers Prepare for Finals

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Finals week tends to be very stressful for students. With finals only days away, students choose different ways to prepare for finals.

“I make Quizlets, I do all the study guides, and I think of really catchy stupid reminders to remember little important things,” said junior Annika Wilmers.

The way teachers prepare their students in class can also make a big difference.

“My regular classes, we have a packet of information that we go through and it has a bunch of different problems,” said math teacher Sara Eitzen. “We spend 3 or 4 days reviewing those problems and I make them get out their notes and study and all that kind of stuff. For honors classes, we give them the topics then we have them look up different things that they need to study for, look at their old tests and quizzes and look at notes to study for that, then we kind of review during the first couple days.”

Another preparation option for students is to visit teachers and get help in IMC’s.

“This year I am studying at home and going to the IMC’s and getting my homework done and making sure I am ready to do the tests,” said freshman Adam Rice.

An available resource for studying are the notes taken throughout the semester.

“…[I’ve been studying] the notes I have taken this past semester,” said freshman Clark Rue, “…I think I am going to do pretty good because I have been working hard.”

All in all, finals are said to be much worse than they are. The key is to study hard and have confidence, and if those boxes are checked, finals will be a breeze.

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