Service Learning Hours in Café Express


Every student is required to have 80 service learning hours at Westside. Westside offers many ways to get them. One option not connected to a club, sport, or class is helping in the Café Express.  

“Being able to get service learning hours in the Café has been around since before I started working here,” said Naj Chatmon, a service learning supervisor in the Cafe. “Also being in [the Café] helps to keep everything stocked so therefore when the kids come in here to get something they can already have it out.”

There are only three students getting service learning hours in the Café Express as of right now, but the staff said they can have up to three students helping and getting service learning hours per mod.

“Working in the Cafe Express isn’t as hard as people would think. We help the staff to stock things like the drinks and chips and straighten things out while they’re busy with the students at the front,” said sophomore Brandon Buchholz.

Not only do the students stock, they also help keep the Café clean by sweeping, cleaning windows and taking out the trash.

“I love the kids who come in here they help and get things done. They are always willing to do whatever when they are asked, and they never complain, always here having a good time,” said Rania Hijazeen.