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Q&A with Student Athletes

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Girls Golf- Portia Lenczowski

Sophomore Portia Lenczowski

Q: What is your favorite part about being a golfer for Westside?

A: “The team environment. Our team is really really close and we all like spend a lot of time together for having to be on the team. With all the practices and all the tournaments, we have a really close bond.”

Q:  How do you feel like your sports affect school?

A:  “Well we miss one to two days a week since the beginning of August to the first week of October, so it’s a lot and it takes a good chunk out of the GPA, but it’s worth it in the end.”

Q:  Do you enjoy being a student athlete at Westside?

A: “The teachers are really really supportive for the most part some more than others, but it helps when you have the support behind you, people telling you in the halls ‘oh good job’ even if they have no idea how you did or what you did.”

Tennis- Jake Bonnet

Sophomore Jake Bonnet was on varsity tennis this year.

Q:  How does school affect sports at Westside?

A: “School doesn’t affect sports, but sports affects school.  I miss a lot of school for tennis, I’ve missed probably a solid week and a half from tennis invitationals and I’m quite behind in a lot of classes.”

Q: What is the student athlete experience like at Westside?

A: “I enjoy it, I love playing sports at Westside, teachers make it pretty easy, they help you out with whatever they can do. Open mod’s make it really easy for student athletes as well.”

Cross Country- Ethan Goldner

Senior Ethan Goldner got 2nd place at state cross country this year.










Q:  How does Cross Country connect you to the school?

A:  “When I’m running for Westside, it’s really nice because I’m not only running for myself and for my time, but also for the school and for the representation.”

Q: How does cross country affect your classes and school and how do you manage to work around it?

A:  “Well, I mean cross country takes up a lot of time. Definitely, but you just (have) got to kind of learn how to manage the school work aspect of it. Doing homework on the way to races and staying up late sometimes is what you got to do, but I mean as long as you stay on top of it.  I mean don’t let things slip it’s not too bad.”


Football- Tyler Spady

Q: How have you been enjoying being a football player this year?

A: “I feel like it’s definitely a good extracurricular activity to have and it really motivates you to be a better person overall.”

Q:  How do you like the school aspect of the sport?

A: “I feel like the coaches put school priorities over football, so if you have bad grades then you get an extra study hall. I mean, it kind of helps that the coaches care as much about school as sports.”

Q: Do you feel like sports are important at the school level?

A: “ I feel like Westside High School takes sports very seriously and I feel like they have a very good fan base so I feel like that is why Westside is very successful with sports.”

Q: Do you having anything else to add?

A: “I enjoy watching the varsity games cause I know that a couple years our grade will be at that level and I enjoy supporting the upperclassman.

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