How to Handle Sexual Misconduct as a Bystander or Survivor- Video

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How to Handle Sexual Misconduct as a Bystander or Survivor- Video

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Video by Hannah-Kate Kinney and Aliyah White

Graphic by Brennan Zatechka

Emily Kutler, In-Depth Coordinator

To truly put an end to the growing rape culture in our society, as well as any form of sexual misconduct, we must first empower our bystanders. This is crucial. We must consider how many lives we could impact if we all knew what preventative measures to take. It is easy to think you would respond as a bystander in a situation of sexual misconduct, but when the situation actually happens, it can be much more difficult to put your thoughts into action. This story is for anyone who has witnessed this type of behavior or could in the future. If our generation is going to be the game changer, it starts with putting our words into action.

The Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN) is an American anti-sexual assault organization that has created a program to end all forms of violence. It’s called the Green Dot Program. RAINN explained the Green Dot Bystander program as, “Individuals who DO SOMETHING to decrease the likelihood that something bad — like a red dot — will occur or get worse.” A “red dot” is a person who could be capable of demonstrating dangerous behavior. RAINN said that, as a bystander, it is important to understand behaviors that could potentially be high risk. RAINN has also created an acronym for being a bystander.

Create a distraction.

Ask directly.

Refer to an authority.

Enlist others.

In the light of all of the the survivors of sexual misconduct coming forward, we must all be a part of taking the necessary steps to prevent the culture we have perpetrated from spreading even further. If you would like to learn more about how to be a successful bystander, you can visit

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