Students Reveal Opinions on New Pro-Life License Plates

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Students Reveal Opinions on New Pro-Life License Plates

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On Monday, November 27th, Governor Pete Ricketts tweeted an image of a new Nebraska license plate that would soon be available to the public. The license plate featured an eye catching sunset background, along with a mother walking with a child and the phrase “choose life” in large text at the bottom of the plate.

Since the announcement of the license plate, there has been a great deal of mixed emotions towards it. Some believe the license plate violates the separation of church and state, while others believe it is not that great of a deal.

Sophomore Rebecca Hansen feels as though creating license plates such as this particular one was not the most appropriate decision.

“I don’t think they should be using taxpayer dollars to support a political view. Even though Nebraska is a republican state, that doesn’t mean we should be able to push [pro-life],” Hansen said. “I think this does violate the separation of church and state since [pro-life] is majorly supported in certain religions over others.”

While Hansen as well as others are not very fond of this license plate, different individuals pertain alternative opinions on the topic.

Sophomore Samantha Wahl thinks that the newly released license plates are not too pressing of a matter.

“I can see why a lot of people don’t like them, but I feel like people are blowing it out of proportion,” Wahl said. “If it were the other way around and said pro-choice, it wouldn’t be this big of a deal. I mean we’re all just kids, [this topic] doesn’t really apply to us.”

Sophomore Lukes Loontjer believes that the license plate in itself is unreasonable, but feels as though since there is a pro-life option there should be others as well.

“If they’re going to come out with a pro-life [license plate], they should also come out with a pro-choice one. If they want people to share their opinions, everyone should be able to do that,” Loontjer said.

On Friday, March 17th of 2017, Planned Parenthood of the Heartland released a statement saying they were working on “My Body, My Choice” license plates. Images of these plates have been shared in large quantities recently, as a result of the pro-life license plates announcement by Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts.

A vast majority of people will now be able to share their personal as well as political beliefs with either license plate once they are available to the public.

Photo credit to Lincoln Journal Star