Different Tastes Playlist

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Different Tastes Playlist

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My taste in music is the best.

I can easily say that sad indie music, experimental rock, and whatever genre Death Grips is stands to be the best music ever made. This is a fact, but only to me.

The idea of what is the ‘best’ music is entirely objective. While it’s understandable that everyone is aware of that, it’s also understandable how defensive people can be about the topic. If you’re one to challenge someone’s taste in music, you have to be ready for a fight. I’ve argued my case for The Talking Heads and Roy Orbison, and my friends have made their arguments for Lana Del Rey and Rush. It’s all an angry echo chamber where opinions are spoken but not heard.

Here at Craze, we can be prone to these arguments, so we gathered our musical opinions into a playlist to show the true diversity of taste. (Including mine, which still stands to be the best.)


Ghost Mouth – Girls (Chosen by Julia Steiner)
Aura – Lady Gaga (Chosen by Vinny Nelson)
Cherry Licorice – Felice Brothers (Chosen by Daisy Friedman)
 Kiwi – Harry Styles (Chosen by Reagan Fehr)
Dead Man’s Arms – Bishop Briggs (Chosen by Emma Kopplin)
Bellyache – Billie Eilish (Chosen by Kyndall Goodwin)
Ophelia – Lumineers (Chosen by Darci Simmons)
Opia – Heart of Gold (Chosen by Anna Greene)
 Mean – Taylor Swift (Chosen by Anne Stepanek)
Call Your Girlfriend – Robyn (Chosen by Kendall Brekke)
Gangsta’s Paradise – Coolio (Chosen by Anastasiya Petrosyan)
Hefner – Tana Mongeau (Chosen by William Larson)
Hate Everyone – Say Anything (Chosen by Samantha Cheshire)
What Lurks on Channel X – Rob Zombie (Chosen by Kylie Shanahan)
I Will Be Heard – Hatebreed (Chosen by Emma Rieser)
Puppy Mill – Man is the Bastard (Chosen by Nick Protzman)
Basket Case – Green Day (Chosen by Kaelyn Mettler)
 Motorway to Roswell – The Pixies (Chosen by Isabella Tyler)
Hallelujah – Pentatonix (Chosen by Kaitlyn Jansen)
Jessie’s Girl – Rick Springfield (Chosen by Lydia Kasem)
Peg – Steely Dan (Chosen by Jane Knudsen)
Night Fever – BeeGees (Chosen by Sydney Barton)


story by jane knudsen, graphic by jane knudsen

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