Volleyball team shows appreciation for teachers

September 26, 2017

Many students are impacted by teachers that they have, but rarely get a chance to show some true appreciation. The volleyball teams gave students this opportunity by hosting their second ever “Teacher’s Night” on Tuesday, September 19. Each athlete was told to select a teacher that has impacted them or helped them in a positive way. Those teachers were then recognized alongside the players before the games. For the freshmen, reserve, and JV, the teachers’ names were called, as well as the school and what they teach. For varsity, the teachers were able to line up with the student athletes to be recognized.

Krista Filipi, the assistant varsity coach, said the teacher’s night was something she saw at another high school a couple years back, and decided that it would be a great addition to the volleyball program at Westside.

“It’s pretty neat and the teachers feel really honored when they’re selected,” Filipi said. “Our intent is to make it really special. We make the girls write a special note that’s very individualized to that teacher, a thank you note.”

Sophomore Haley Snawerdt, reserve volleyball player, decided to acknowledge Leah Markley, a STEM teacher at WHS.

“This is her second year teaching me,” Snawerdt said. “She’s really fun, and she really cares about your learning.”

Another teacher who was recognized was Brenda Zabel, who teaches Zoology and Forensics. Being a former volleyball coach, she was doubly excited about the opportunity.

“I was really flattered,” Zabel said. “I liked coaching, you form different kinds of relationships than you do in the classroom. To have a chance to be a part of that again in a very small way was kind of cool.”

Zabel, along with many other teachers in the past as well as this year, have said they were excited, and it made them feel special. Teacher’s Night is a night that is very memorable for the teachers, the students, and the parents.

“It’s nice for the parents to see some of the teachers that have made an impact on their child’s life,” Zabel said.


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