Jerred Zegelis

BREAKING: Anthony Bratton transfers to Omaha South

December 7, 2016

On Tuesday, Dec. 7th, senior Anthony Bratton allegedly left Westside to attend Omaha South. The college basketball prospect has played in Westside’s basketball program since his freshman year, receiving training from varsity coach Brian Nemecek, his club team, and his trainer Omar Bynum.

According to NSAA regulations, student athletes can transfer to a high school as long as their parents live in the district of that school. This applies to Bratton, validating his transfer and allowing him to play with the defending state champions.

Last season, Bratton averaged 18 points and seven rebounds per game over the course of 23 games, helping lead the team to a 13-10 season record. This season, the Warriors are at a 0-2 record, while the Omaha South Packers are holding a 2-0 record.

Read more about Bratton’s transfer next Friday, Dec. 16th in the next edition of the Lance.

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