Fun Runs

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An increasing trend among runners is to add a little spice to their workout. Runs that incorporate themes and challenges are sweeping the nation.

Westside Physical Education teacher, Sally Shepherd, has taken part in a lot of these types of runs.

“It’s a great way to challenge yourself while having fun, and it’s really social.  I meet some nice people along the way.” Said Shepherd.

Some of the most popular runs that people have participated in around the metro are, The Color Run, Warrior Dash, and The Glow Run. However there are many more, that may be slightly more obscure.

The Scavenger Dash is a great local run that incorporates clues and hidden messages as tasks that teams have to complete while running.

The Doomsday Run takes place on 12/21/12 when they predict the world is going to end.

Run For Your Lives Race is a zombie infested 5k run with obstacles that runners must pass while escaping zombies at the same time.

No matter what place you get in the run, these fun runs are meant to make running a little bit easier.

“I try to stress to my friends or students who are hesitant because they might not do well that it doesn’t matter where they finish, it only matters that they got out there and did it.   Don’t sit on the sidelines and spectate, get in there and try it.” Said Shepherd.


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