Mock Election

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On Tuesday November 5th polls opened everywhere around the United States. Here at Westside, polls opened up too. The American Government class hosted a mock election where students could cast their votes for the House of Representatives, the Senate and the Presidential election. American Government senior Dustin Ecklebe ran for president in another mock election that the class did in September.

“I think it was very successful and a good way to prepare students for the real voting world. The participation from everyone made it work out really well.”

During the last presidential election they didn’t do a school wide election, but voted within the civic’s classes.

“This is the first time we have done a school wide mock election and I think it went very smoothy, Schergin organized it very well.” American Government Instructor Jon Preister said.

The results of the school election were announced at the end of the day Tuesday. Obama won the presidential election, Bob Kerrey won the senate and Lee Terry won the house. Jacob Koester was given an honorable mention for receiving 45 votes.

In the actual presidential election Obama was re-elected, Deb Fischer won the senate and Lee Terry won the house.

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