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For many students that are adopted, their adoption has caused problems in different classes.

It is a basic unit in Honors Biology where students learn about genetics. They learn about traits that are passed down from parents to their children. Students complete activities about their own traits, and those of their parents. For students who are adopted, this is problematic. Senior Rachel Sullivan shares her own experience with this complication.

“It”s kind of different. Everyone else knows their parent and their family, and I don’t. In Biology I didn’t know what to do. I have no information about my biological parents to use for that.”

Outside of Biology, students learn about drug addiction in Healthy Living, and how addiction can be passed from parents to their children.

“I don’t know anything about my biological parents, or my genetic history. It makes it hard to figure out who you’re supposed to be,” said Sullivan.

Sullivan agrees that even though these roadblocks arise because she does not know her biological parents, she knows that it was one of the best things for her to get adopted and live with a loving family.

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